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Shura is Wrath

Description The mysterious boy Ling Chen is saved by a little girl as he lay on the street dying. Years later, he strikes a deal to save this savior-turned sister and enters the virtual world. In ...

Game Author: Mars Gravity views: 1579

Close Combat Mage

Description A young boy genius, Suo Jia, is a water mage who dreams of being a warrior travelling the great and dangerous trade routes to find his lost father that set off on them before Suo Jia ...

Game Author: Yun Tian Kong views: 1957

Shadow Rogue

Description As a promise, he went out into the world as an assassin. 3 years later, after becoming the Supreme Assassin, he gave up on everything he had and returned to the ranks of ordinary peopl...

Game Author: Chenyuan An Shang views: 607